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Hey All - 

Summertime is upon us!  

For the UT students, regular classes at the University are over, but if you would like to do a private lesson with me now and then over the break we can arrange it.

Everything Yields To (correct) Practice!

- Jay

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Guitar Scribe?

I need help in transcribing some of the talks that I gave at the last two Shobu Okugyo Aikido retreats. If you would be able to volunteer some time to help with the project please let me know. I'm hoping to shape some of these into a more formal book format over the summer.


- Jay

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gig Friday night @ the Flying Bean

Hi all, ill be playing at the flying bean again this friday night with a local guitarist ted parker. If your in the area you should come check it out!!
I am also playing there on friday may 2 which is more of a open jam so your all welcome to come play some tunes.

The Flying Bean
2130 Preston Parkway-Levis Commons

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gig Friday night @ the Flying Bean

Hi All,
I want you to know that I will be playing a gig this Friday the 28th at a local coffee shop called the Flying Bean between 7 p.m. and 10. I generally play in a trio with a sax player and bassist. Anyway, it's laid back, and if anyone wants to come and sit in for a couple tunes, you're more than welcome. The Flying Bean is in Levi's Commons and it is a kid friendly environment.

The Flying Bean
2130 Preston Parkway-Levis Commons

Hope to see some of you there,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lesson on March 20th

During my last lesson with Jay, we went over the song Rondeau where I am playing classical style line with a moving melody in the bass over chords that ring out. Jay showed me how to pluck and finger the various chord voicing’s. This song really challenges me to learn the music well enough to be able to play the piece with others while keeping control of my right and left hands on a different level than most music that I would just use a pick or my thumb to play.

Jay told me that learning just the bass part of the song first might impair my ability to later add the full chords. He told me to break the song down and learn it note by note, phrase by phrase at a time while repeating all of the old material the whole time. This can be slow going at first but it really helps when it comes time to sit and play the piece again the next day when I can remember more of what I have learned and I can feel my muscle memory working faster and faster for my plucking fingers to get where they need to go.

Support the Dalai Lama

Guys -

I just signed an urgent petition calling on the
Chinese government to
respect human rights in Tibet and dialogue with the
Dalai Lama. This is
really important, and I thought you might want to
take action:

After nearly 50 years of Chinese rule, the Tibetans
are sending out a global
cry for change. Violence is spreading across Tibet
and neighbouring regions, and the Chinese regime is right now making a crucial
choice between tougher
crackdown or dialogue.

President Hu Jintao needs to hear that 'Made in
China' exports and the
upcoming Olympics in Beijing will have the support
of the world's people
only if he chooses dialogue. But it will take an
avalanche of global people
power to get his attention. Click below to sign the
petition – in just 3
days, the campaign is almost half way to the goal of
1 million signatures!

Click Here to sign.

- Jay